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Know, Know, Meet

At Ensider:Intelligence you will quickly find compact practical knowledge for the creative industries: Information on managers, companies, production data, funding and current challenges is compact and specially prepared for you as a manager.
as a short video, presentation, white paper or short answer.
At networking events and conferences, you will meet experts and colleagues to maintain and expand your personal network.

The contents are clustered according to the package booked - and some are only available to corporate customers.
If you have any questions, simply contact us directly, as many companies also offer usage vouchers for their employees and customers.

Access for individuals is severely restricted and is only available to members of co-operating associations on presentation of proof.
If you are a board member of the association, please also contact us to start a co-operation.

Good luck with your career in the creative industries.


Ensider:Partner Nation

Guidelines, expertise, network for managers
  • only for members of a recognised association
  • Individual, personal approach
  • Industry news for managers
  • Large Expertise media library with guidelines, online training, knowledge database
  • Change of management (incl. change of agency)
  • Company profiles
  • SPP announcements
  • Industry calendar
  • Price: 98.00 €/year (83 EUR plus VAT/year)


Ensider:Partner Enterprise

Industry news, executive knowledge in the Group, visibility with top talent

  • Access with e-mail from a group (3 domains)
  • Corporate services for all group users (multiple domains) and optional nation vouchers for project-related employees
  • Database access for ESGRC topics (governance, compliance, sustainability)
  • Optional marketing services
  • Optional production database
  • Optional rotating mirror and rotating start calendar
  • Special prizes Members of the Producer Alliance
  • Price: EUR 5,500 plus VAT/year  


Ensider:Partner Corporate

Visibility, Latest industry developments, International network

  • Access with e-mail of a company (1 domain),
    Nation services for all users with company e-mail
  • Company news on transactions, insolvencies
  • Company Group Profiles
  • Special reports on film funding, media policy and science
  • Optional marketing services
  • Special prices for young and/or small companies on request
  • Price: EUR 2,500 plus VAT/year

Ensider:Partner Basic

Access with one e-mail address, Ensider:Nation for one month, Company news on transactions, insolvencies company group profiles, special reports on film funding, media policy and science
Ensider:Partner Corporate (for companies)

Test one month for 49 EUR plus VAT!